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We make games that boost your mental performance. We take the latest scientific research on human performance and use it to create simple, fun games that you can play on your iPhone or iPad.

We test our games to make sure they really work. Were university professors, so we use the same methods to test our games that we use for our research. Thats how we know they work.

Our games wont turn you into a super hero, but they will boost your performance by meaningful amount. For example, our SAT.Booster game improved the performance of our students by 50 points (out of 1600 for math and verbal). You can read our "Why They Work" page on our web site to learn about the research we use to develop our games, the methods we use to test them, and the results that show they work.

Our games are designed to be used right before you need a performance boost. Play them on your iPad or iPhone right before you take that important test or try to solve that difficult problem. No need to practice with them or play them a long time. They are designed to work immediately, even if youve never used them before. Research suggests that if you play for 10 minutes, the boosting effect should last more than an hour. Even two minutes of play should improve performance for 20-30 minutes.

In SAT.Booster, we will give you sets of random words that you will use to create meaningful headlines. Proven research shows that a quick round of this exercise will prime your mind for enhanced academic performance. The game may seem simple, but solid research shows that it is effective.

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